Mustangs News · Girls & Boys Tennis – Fall Fitness and Conditioning

Dear Players and Parents,

Homestead Tennis will be starting Fall Fitness and condition this month.

Schedule for October:
Thursday, October 15: 4 pm-6 pm
*Wednesday, October 21: 4 pm-6 pm
Thursday, October 22: 4 pm-6 pm
*Wednesday, October 28: 4 pm-6 pm
Thursday, October 29: 4 pm-6 pm

*Wednesday will be added to the schedule if we end up getting high enrollment.

There are a few things to keep in mind. Due to the Covid-19, these rules will be implemented that we must follow to participate and stay safe.

1.) Only 24 players will be allowed to have this opportunity.
2.) 6 feet social distance must be adhered to at all times
3.) Mask must be worn when coming and leaving campus expect when playing
4.) Please bring your own water bottle to stay Covid -19 Safe
5.) You must provide your own can of tennis balls if possible. Please mark them with your initials so that only you will touch the balls. If you do not have balls we will try to provide what we have but it’s better if you can bring your own since your balls will most likely be brand new.

1.) All PLAYERS/PARENTS must fill out this k12 form to participate in Fall Fitness and Conditioning.

2.) Once you have completed the k12 form please use this link to sign up for Fall Tennis Fitness and conditioning.

3.) If there is anyone you know who is interested in participating in tennis especially those students who are new to the program please forward this email to them immediately so they can participate. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to reach out to us.

Coach Sundar –, 716-510-5476

Coach Edmond –