Girls Junior Varsity Field Hockey, Girls Varsity Field Hockey · Field Hockey Summer Conditioning Plan

Right now it is unknown what our Field Hockey season will look like next year due to ongoing COVID 19 health and safety precautions, or even if we will have a season at all. That said, we have been cleared to start summer conditioning for the upcoming season. Our conditioning circumstances are, understandably, much more restricted than in previous years. Due to these circumstances, we will not be holding in-person conditioning sessions. Instead, we have a conditioning plan for players to work through on their own, or safely (from a 6 foot distance) with a teammate.

This conditioning plan is intended to help you get ready for the rigors of the upcoming Field Hockey season. With the shelter in place cancelling sports activities and closing gyms for the last several months, you may have been more sedentary in the last few months. If so, coming back to playing a competitive sport will be hard without an increase in physical activity leading up to the start of the season.

Here is a link to the Field Hockey Conditioning Program. This plan is designed so that you can complete the activities individually from home or at a local park. Follow the weekly plan between now and the beginning of the season. You can ignore references to “GK workouts”. Use the drills described on the “Skills” pages to get an idea of what stick skills you will need to practice. If you are new to the sport of Field Hockey and will be trying out for the team, focus on the strength and cardio conditioning. Don’t worry about the stick skills, as we will teach you these during tryouts and later practices.

Make sure to stretch before each workout and hydrate during and after! I look forward to hopefully seeing you all in August.

– Coach Heaney