Mustangs News · Homestead Wins District Annual Athletic Totem Pole Award!

Homestead is atop the totem pole again this year!  The totem pole is a district annual athletic award determined at the end of every school year that ranks the five schools’ achievement in all sports combined for that given year.  It displays each school’s mascot, from top to bottom on the pole, according to finish.

Here are this year’s results:

1st place, Homestead (2019 champion as well)- 128 points

2nd place, Cupertino-94 points

3rd place, Lynbrook -83 points

4th place, Monta Vista-76 points

5th place, Fremont-62 points

Congrats to all of our Mustang coaches and athletes on making our school the number one sports school in the district, two years running (we have a solid history with this award, overall, as well).

By the way, the totem pole sits in the lobby of the district office—look for it next time you are there and you will see the Mustang atop it.